WHAT’S UP!!! IT’S REALLY RED ROSE HERE AND I’M TALKING ABOUT: CUPCAKES!!!!! OK, cupcakes are some of the most delicious goodies on earth, but are they really that difficult to make?

The answer is yes and no.

First of all, cupcakes aren’t that hard to make. You get yourself a recipe, you follow it precisely, and voilá, you got yourself a cupcake!!!

What can be hard is actually following the recipe precisely. Some extra flour falls in, you put two pinches of salt instead of one, you have no clue what baking powder is so you don’t put it, and so on. Also, it takes forever to bake and you have to keep checking if “a fork can come out the center without anything on it.” Ugh. I hate that.

Now some of you are saying, “But Really Red Rose, I’m a professional baker, nothing like that happens to me!” And to that I say, if you are a professional baker, why are you reading this? Oh. It’s because you like my blog. Oopsie. I’m sowwy. :_(.

So according to all my research (which is just rereading everything I wrote before this) I now say that my former statement is wrong. Cupcakes are hard to make.


Anyways, I hoped you liked that post. Please leave a comment and like this. And now, I’M OUTTA HERE!!!



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34 thoughts on “Cupcakes

  1. Kirti Hadap says:

    Really red rose …u must be I have never tried making cupcakes..
    Will try and do it if some day..I can just think beyond eating..


  2. tasniya says:

    Ha! This is so true. Whenever i try to make cupcakes, they end up as a disaster and we decide to get store bought cupcakes instead.


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