Internet Trolls


WHAT’S UP GUYS!!! REALLY RED ROSE HERE!!! So. I’m assuming you saw the title of this post. That’s right, I’m talking about trolls atroll .

We all know who trolls are, and we have most likely all been annoyed by their presence (I mean, COME ON, they’re called trolls. We already don’t like them) and tried saying stuff like “Stop it” and “You’re being very rude right now” to stop them.

If you do this, then STOP RIGHT NOW!!!! (I’M SERIOUS BRO, DROP EVERYTHING EVERYTHING AND FREEZE) (Except for your phone or tablet or laptop or other device you’re reading this on. Don’t drop that) The whole point of trolling is to attract attention. If you keep replying to these trolls, then their job will be done. They have successfully attracted attention and annoyed people. This, in turn, will make them troll more.

Also, what is really sad is that more trolls are sadists, which mean they get pleasure from making others suffer. Most humans feel guilt when they hurt others. Not sadists. They just get happier. (It’s sad, isn’t it. Sadism is a personality disorder).

So, in short, when you see a troll, just ignore it. The troll will realize this is not getting attention and then, it will stop trolling.

I got all my research for this post from this video on AsapSCIENCE. Check it out.

Now say this tongue twister: How many trolls can a trolling troll troll if a trolling troll can troll trolls?

Anyways, that’s it for this post. Hope you liked it and I’M OUTTA HERE!!!

PS: Have you ever thought about how weird “troll” is spelled? It’s t-r-o-l-l. Who spells a word like that?!?!?!

(Also, trolololololololololol!!!!!!!!!)


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10 thoughts on “Internet Trolls

  1. MoU says:

    I like the way you handle and resolve seemingly serious issues like internet trolling and depression in such a simplistic way.

    Keep it simple. No need to complicate matters when they can be managed in a light hearted manner.


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