WHAT’S UP GUYS!!! REALLY RED ROSE HERE!!! Ah, YouTube, almost everyone’s favorite outlet for relaxation AND procrastination. (Come on, we all know you should be doing something else important right now. And next to this tab, there is probably a tab for YouTube. SHAME ON YOU!!!) (Oh, wait, I have, like, 5 YouTube tabs open and I’m listening to music. So, TWINSIES!!!) ANYWAYS, YouTube is such a major site now. Actually, one of the creators of YouTube thought it wouldn’t go that far. Boy, was he wrong. Now, YouTube has started to change many lives.

And by that, I mean the viewers and the YouTubers themselves. I’m sure many of us have watched a whole string of our favorite YouTubers’ videos when we feel sad. But I’m talking major stuff. I’ve seen SO many comments on YouTube channels that it helped a bit with their depression. DEPRESSION. That is such a major personality disorder that I strongly believe in, and that I feel gets overlooked a lot. I mean, in my eyes, YouTube deserves some applause *proceeds to clap*. Now for the YouTubers.

Now a lot of people in this day and age don’t believe YouTube is a suitable career option. Many people actually make most of their life earnings from Youtube. A YouTuber with 1,000,000 subs make $100,000- $130,000 a year. A YouTuber with 10,000,000 subs makes about $4 million a year. And PewDiePie, the biggest YouTuber in the world, (47 million subs as of August 2, 2016) makes about $12- $15 million a year. Now that’s money.

Also, starting a YouTube channel helps many people grow, and be more comfortable talking with people. It also makes them confident. And once again, it has helped some YouTubers get over depression and/or other saddening events in life.

Anyways, hope you liked that post, please comment and I’M OUTTA HERE!!!



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