WHAT’S UP GUYS!!! REALLY RED ROSE HERE!!! So, many of you have been saying that my posts are interesting and that I should keep up the good work. And to that I say, thank you!!! But, I’m guessing most of you are adults. (No offense to any kids who said my posts are interesting. I still say thank you). Now to please the kids of the world, here is my post about emojis. (And this might please the adults too. Who knows?)

Ok, most of us use emojis in our daily lives. For example, while texting you might put a smiley face if you like something. But most of us are using the emojis in, uh, in a slightly different manner. Now, I announce my new chart. Emojis: What they are meant to mean vs How we actually use them. LET’S GO!!!!

*cue epic trumpet noise*

“Here ye, here ye, we have come forth to celebrate the arrival of the new emoji chart the Madam Really Red Rose has kindly made for us. *clears throat* We would like to thank— oh wait I got a text message!!!”


What they’re supposed to mean vs How we actually use them

acryface  Tears of laughter  vs “I’m not really LOLing this hard. In fact, I didn’t even smile.”

ahaloemoji Angel vs “I’m completely innocent so don’t blame me for whatever is going on.”

asad-emoji.pngSad vs “I just finished all the episodes of that show and there is no purpose in life.”

adevilemoji.pngFiendish vs “I just ate the last Oreo cookie (not a sponsor). #Evil #ThugLife.”

anembarassedface.jpg Embarrassed vs “My dog MAY have just chewed up your favorite hoodie I borrowed.”

apoop Poop vs _________________________


There really is no meaning for the poop emoji. I’m not even joking. It should win the award for the number one most random emoji.

“Here ye, here ye. Today we give an award to the emoji by the name of poop for being the #1 most random— oh wait I got another text message!!!”

*sigh* You can never trust that announcer guy. He gets distracted WAY too easily.

Anyways, hope you liked this quirky little post. It was a lot of fun. Remember to comment, follow me, and now I’M OUTTA HERE!!!

(And to think, I spent $10 on that announcer. $10!!! I should really go get a refun— hey, there goes that announcer guy!!! I need to go chase him so I can get my— oh wait I just got a text message!!!)

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