Google [X]


WHAT’S UP GUYS!!! REALLY RED ROSE HERE!!!! Dun. Dun Dun Dun. Dun Dun Dun. Dun Dun Duuuun. (Imagine the drum sequence at the beginning of “Eye of the Tiger”) So. We’ve heard of Google. We’ve heard of Google+. We’ve even heard of Google Drive (You’ve heard of Google Drive, right?) But have you heard of Google [x]? Have ya? HAVE YA?!?! Most likely not. Google [x] is a semi-secret agency founded by the one and only, GOOGLE!!! (So I guess it’s like the CIA of Google?) The first thing you need to know about Google [x] is called moonshots.

That’s right. They’re called moonshots. (Who names these things, am I right!!! XD) These are outlandish projects that Google [x] is trying to make a reality. The Google glasses and the Google self-driving car are both successful moonshots. But Google has tried to do so much more. As in jetpacks. And teleportation.

JETPACKS!!!!!! TELEPORTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly, these failed. DO YOU KNOW HOW COOL THAT WOULD BE!!!!!!! YOU COULD FLY UP IN THE AIR WITH STREAMS OF FIRE BURNING BELOW YOU!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW EPIC OF A PROFILE PIC THAT WOULD BE!!!!! Oh, um, sorry I was getting carried away. Anyways, those would be SO cool. You guys KNOW how much I like teleportation. Remember the whole time travel article? Yeah. You know what I mean.

Google [x] is going to try to continue to work on these. YAY!!! So there’s one last thing I have to say, and that is I’M OUT— oh wait, I have to say one thing.

My school is starting soon. That means I won’t blog as frequently. But I promise I’ll blog every week. Pinky promise. Anyways, folks I’M OUTTA HERE!!!!



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