Voices (Featuring Stereotypes)


WHAT’S UP GUYS!!!!!! IT’S REALLY RED ROSE HERE!!!!! So. I’m sowwy I haven’t posted in like, 2 weeks. I’m just really busy. Pwease forgive me? Pwetty Pwease????? (insert pitiful face) THX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW ON WITH THE ARTICLE!!!!!!!

So, chaps, you have probably read the article title by now with a spot of tea and your pinky sticking out sitting on the loo and thought, “Wherefore has’t thee writ this?” and then I’m like, oh my god, you are, like,TOTES weird!!! And then you’re like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven’t noticed this already, I talked (er, wrote) in four different um, let’s call it VOICES for now. (Huh, is the title making some sense now, buddy?!?) The first one was, as I like to call it, fancy rich person talk, AKA a British accent. (because stereotypical Brits on American TV shows are fancy posh people) (No hate to England) The second one was, as I like to call it, really confusing talk which only people a long time ago understand, AKA Shakespearean talk. (Oi, I didn’t name it. It’s actually called Shakespearean) The third one was popular-14-year-old-cheerleader-girl talk, AKA stereotypical California girl talk/valley girl. (Does anyone actually talk like this? No, seriously) The last one was Tarzan yell. Nope, no AKA, no parentheses straight up Tarzan yell.

So now you have seen a lot of voices. (Actually it was only four but MOVING ON!!!) People use voices like this to represent cultures and people when actually, they’re just plain wrong. I don’t think all Brits walk around with their pinkies sticking out and their nose upturned, right? And high school girls down in Cali or anywhere for that manner, speak like that or act like that. And sport-loving boys don’t always have deep voices or sound really dumb. So why do we do this? Is it an exaggeration? Or do we do it to poke fun?

Well, that’s all the time I have for this article! Please like, comment, and follow, and noW I’M OUTTA HERE!!!

(And Shakespearean isn’t very much no more brain than stone either and I’m sure most of thee knoweth what I’m declaring)

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