As you might already know, this is a page about Really Red Rose. YAY. One thing’s for sure, she loves to write and if you don’t know this already, she has a great sense of humor.

Really Red Rose used to be really shy but has sort of grown out of it as of last year and that has inspired her to start a blog. (And by A blog, I mean this one) She just wants to talk to people that share the same interests as her and have a good time.

Now, Really Red Rose hasn’t done anything big. She isn’t in newspapers, magazines, TV shows, and hasn’t changed lives. But these are goals she is working towards.

So to conclude this page, all I want to do is have a good time. This is not a poetic blog, or any earth-shattering stuff, but it’s something I can talk about. And that’s good enough for me.

Now you’ve come to the end. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! YOU READ AN ENTIRE PAGE OF SAPPY, CHEESY, SENTIMENTAL GOOP!! PROPS TO YOU!!! Thanks for checking out my blog, ¬†and I’M OUTTA HERE!!!

(No but, seriously you deserve an award for reading this.)